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RS marble plate

RS marble plate

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This is a home collection of tableware that will brighten up your time in the ROOM.

"marble" is a series of tea sets that create a rich tea time.

The plate is just the right size to be used as a cake plate or as an everyday dining table.
Product number A221-05001
Size <Plate> φ140×15mm (150g) 1 piece

<Package> 172×172×H34mm (270g)
Material: Porcelain, real gold leaf
Precautions when ordering This product is also sold in stores at the same time, so it may be out of stock before you place your order. note that.
Precautions for use: Can be washed with a soft sponge and neutral detergent. Please avoid using the dishwasher. Please avoid using the microwave.
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