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Hiryujoun - sake

Hiryujoun - sake

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Fuji's sake "Hiryu Norigumo" comes with an LED light and remote control as standard.
You can enjoy Mt. Fuji lit up in various colors.
You can also change the color automatically by pressing the FADE button on the remote control, so you can enjoy the beauty of each change in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Luxurious gold powder is used on the Hiryu Riding Cloud to create a gorgeous look, like the snow falling on Mt. Fuji.
Made using an ancient Japanese traditional technique, gold has a unique and beautiful shine and does not deteriorate compared to other metals. Since it has the property of continuing to shine forever, it has the meaning of wanting the person to whom it is sent to continue to shine as well.

Fuji's sake "Hiryu Norigumo" uses a glass cap.
The bottle itself is a handmade craft by an artisan, so we use glass, which is rare for alcoholic beverage seals, to create a sense of unity.
In addition, instead of using a screw cap, we paid attention to the beauty of the design down to the smallest detail, and designed it so that you can fill it with alcohol as many times as you like and enjoy it.

Title: Calligrapher Contemporary Artist
Takeda Soun

[Junmai Daiginjo]

This Junmai Daiginjo is highly aromatic and has a slight sweetness, with an emphasis on balance with acidity.
In 2004, it won the prestigious Triple Crown, winning first place or gold in all the competitions: Shizuoka Prefecture, Tokai 4 Prefectures, and Nationwide.
Sake rice: Omachi / Alcohol content: 15-16% / Sake content: +4 / Acidity: 1.3 / Rice polishing ratio: 40%

[Authentic rice shochu]

Authentic shochu made from sake lees, unique to Japanese sake breweries. A pleasant shochu with a gentle texture derived from Mt. Fuji underground water.
It has a mild taste and a faint aroma reminiscent of Japanese sake. You can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as on the rocks or mixed with hot water, but you should definitely try it straight as well.
Sake rice: Koshihikari/Alcohol content: 25%
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