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Komon tea set, pentagonal teacup

Komon tea set, pentagonal teacup

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A pentagonal teacup is decorated with a small pattern that has been passed down in Japan since ancient times, using the copperboard technique.
The pentagonal shape is easy to hold and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.
This is a tea utensil for everyday use that will accompany you during your relaxing time while warming your hands.

A tea utensil with a kiln-changing glaze that changes color depending on the temperature of the kiln, and a traditional small pattern pattern that creates a calming atmosphere.
It blends in well with the simple modern woodgrain interior.
Komon has been a type of kimono since ancient times.
The repeating patterns are filled with wishes for family safety, family harmony, children, and happiness.

Size: W61×D61×H81mm/160cc/140g
Material: Porcelain

This glaze uses a glaze called kiln-hen, and the baked color changes depending on the location and temperature of the kiln.
In addition, each piece is painted by hand using copperplate paper.
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