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Set teacup Okame Hyottoko

Set teacup Okame Hyottoko

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<The world of Kutani ware, which has a history of about 360 years>

Kutani ware is characterized by a method of drawing lines in a deep blue color called ``Gosu'' and applying thick layers of paint in 5 colors of red, yellow, green, purple, and navy blue called ``Gosai''. is.
The pattern is boldly overglazed and gives a powerful impression.

This product is recommended for daily use or as a gift.
Please enjoy the texture of Kutani ware's depth of color and thickly applied coloring.

Hyottoko: Diameter 73 x Height 77mm 200cc
Okame: Diameter 72 x Height 74mm 190cc
Box type: Cosmetic box
Artist: Futabato Kiln
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