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Lucky bean plate - 16 types

Lucky bean plate - 16 types

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A cute palm-sized bean plate made from the popular Futabato kiln that will brighten up your dining table.

It's the perfect size for storing sauces, spices, or as a chopstick rest.

It is also attractive that you can enjoy the texture and color unique to Kutani ware through this small bean plate.

There are 16 types in total, with a variety of designs and vessel shapes.
Find your favorite gem.

[Design & Size]
1. Mt. Fuji: width 8 x depth 7 x height 1cm
2. Peach: width 8.3 x depth 8.5 x height 1cm
3. Orange: Width 8.3 x Depth 7.2 x Height 1.7cm
4. Tortoise shell: width 8.6 x depth 7.9 x height 1cm
5.Rabbit: width 8.5 x depth 5.8 x height 1.3cm
6.Cat: width 8.8 x depth 5.8 x height 1.6cm
7. Gourd: width 6 x depth 7.3 x height 1.4cm
8. Saiun: Diameter 8.8 x Depth 6.5 x Height 1cm
9. Plum: width 8.3 x depth 8.3 x height 1cm
10. Pine: width 8.3 x depth 5.6 x height 1cm
11. Treasure bag: width 7.4 x depth 8.2 x height 1.5cm
12. Gavel: width 7 x depth 7.5 x height 1.5cm
13.Gunbai: width 7.7 x depth 7.7 x height 1.5cm
14. Tsuba type: width 8.5 x depth 8.5 x height 1.5cm
15.Chrysanthemum and crane: diameter 8.5 x height 1cm
16.Sakura and sea bream: width 8.2 x height 1cm

Box type: Cosmetic box
Artist: Futabato Kiln
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