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Seven percent koji miso [4 pieces]

Seven percent koji miso [4 pieces]

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The soybeans are boiled in Nagano Prefecture's only Japanese kettle, which was used 100 years ago to boil cocoons in Okaya, a town known for its thriving silk industry.

After crushing the boiled soybeans into balls, they are aged to incorporate natural yeast and lactic acid bacteria.
Miso ball preparation with rich flavor and taste.
This miso is prepared according to the climate and is made using natural brewing methods.

Shinshu miso has a refreshing taste with lactic acid bacteria that brings out the salty taste.

Using only domestic ingredients and aging for over a year, the soybean flavor and flavor are surprisingly rich and slightly dry.
This is a standard item that has been loved by locals for a long time.

<Capacity> 500g/piece x 4 pieces
<Salt> 12%
<Koji percentage> 80%
<Ingredients> Soybeans (domestic, non-genetically modified), rice (domestic), salt, alcohol
<Best before date> 1 year
<Storage method> Store away from direct sunlight.

Naturally brewed miso has no additives, so fermentation continues.
The color will become darker as fermentation progresses, but there is no problem with the quality.
We recommend storing it in the refrigerator during the summer, as it may ripen and accumulate.
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