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Frustum Sencha

Frustum Sencha

Обычная цена ¥1,980 JPY
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой ¥1,980 JPY
Распродажа Продано
Сумма налога включена.
Frustum is a tea utensil whose design has been redesigned to suit modern lifestyles in order to reaffirm the goodness of tea.
The conical shape of the teacup makes it easy to hold.
In addition, the shape that tapers slightly toward the spout brings the spout and nose closer together than before, allowing you to enjoy the aroma even more.

Color: light ink/white glaze/black glaze/unglazed glaze/white indigo glaze/light ink
Size: W80×D80×H62mm/180cc/130g
Material: Porcelain

*Delivered in original box

The black glaze, white glaze, and light sumi ink have smooth fired surfaces, while the unglazed glaze and white indigo glaze have some roughness.
Please choose according to your lifestyle.
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