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Tea utensils - Chatatsu [for four people]

Tea utensils - Chatatsu [for four people]

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Chatatsu is a tea utensil that allows you to enjoy the sweetness, umami, and bitterness of the tea leaves over time.

First brew: sweetness and flavor.
Second brew: sweetness, umami, and bitterness.
Third roast: bitterness and umami.

First, open the tea leaves slowly in lukewarm water and enjoy the gradual change in taste from sweetness to umami and bitterness.

Color: White glaze/Celadon/Iron glaze
Size: W107 x D102 x H80mm
Material: Porcelain

Color: White glaze/Celadon/Iron glaze
Size: W68 x D68 x H32mm
Material: Porcelain

Because it does not use a metal cup mesh, it does not change the taste, and because it does not use tea koshi, it is easy to clean and use.
Since no metal mesh is used, small tea leaves can easily flow out.
For tea leaves, we recommend large Japanese tea or green tea.
It is not suitable for roasted tea, stem tea, etc. that are brewed with hot water.
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