[Wakamiya kouji] - Nagano

[Wakamiya kouji] - Nagano

Founded in 1898


rice koji

This is a long-established rice koji specialty store located in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture. We continue to carefully handcraft miso, amazake, and raw koji by following traditional manufacturing methods.




In the future, we are preparing to start offering services such as koji making experience and miso making experience. We are moving forward with all our heart and soul, valuing the importance of challenging ourselves while protecting our goals.


hand made


Change while preserving. wholeheartedly.


wakamiya koujiya


Wakamiya Kojiya's company philosophy is ``Changing while protecting. With all our heart.'' We propose a ``life with koji'' through various communication between customers and girlfriends. We support adults who want to live carefully and enrich their lives every day. We sincerely hope to work together with our customers to create the future of koji.



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