[Kimoto Glass] - Tokyo/Asakusa

[Kimoto Glass] - Tokyo/Asakusa

Preserving tradition and evolving tradition mission given to us.

Edo Kiriko is a method of making cuts on the surface of glass.
Its history dates back to the late Edo period.
Edo Kiriko, decorated with Japanese patterns such as arrows, hemp leaves, chrysanthemums, and cloisonné patterns, began to modernize in the Meiji period.


Edo kiriko




Kimoto Glass was also founded during this period.
Since its founding in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1931, the company has been in the business of glass tableware, including Edo Kiriko, for 80 years, but the glass industry has been in marked decline in recent years.
As the mechanization and mass production of cut glass processing progressed, and low-priced imported products became available, many manufacturers and factories were forced to close down or withdraw from business.


edo kiriko


As the industry was in a slump, our way of thinking about manufacturing changed dramatically.
Let's actively engage in manufacturing and challenge the market.

By changing direction, a new type of Edo Kiriko, which is based on the tradition of Edo Kiriko and combines the knowledge and techniques of different industries, and the ideas of designers who think outside the box, is expanding the range of enthusiasts.


Flavien Delberguefunew


Edo Kiriko, which holds the heart of the Japanese people, must not be allowed to decline any further.
With a sense of crisis but with great hope in our hearts, we open up new horizons for Edo Kiriko. That is our job and our mission.
To protect and evolve tradition.
I want to always be faithful to that role.


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