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Ground mag crunch

Ground mag crunch

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The pottery to be recycled is purposely coarsely ground.
The Crunch series created a new look for earthenware.
By shaping the simple form with a water trowel, each product is finished with a unique fluctuation.
This is a series that further refines the grand concept.

[Thoughts about the ground_grip series]
Mino ware, a production area of ceramics, boasts the highest production volume in Japan.
Probably the most ``soil'' used in Japan.
What is good quality soil? What is valuable soil?
We focused on "recycled soil" among them.

We believe that we live in an era where the value of recycled soil can be shared with everyone, and we recycle even tableware based on the concept of ``Wrapping the soil for plants with recycled soil.''

Color: Crunch (crunch pattern) recycled matte glaze
Size: W83 x D110 x H92mm
Material: Porcelain (20% recycled earth)
Set contents: mag cup/leaflet/boxed

*Delivered in original box

ground grip = wrap around the soil
Crunch expresses the color of recycled soil itself, and has a rugged finish that gives you the feel of recycled soil.

The Crunch series is made from coarsely ground pottery and has a different shrinkage rate after firing, so it is slightly larger than the colored Grand Mug series.

It is made by mixing and kneading raw clay before firing or pulverizing unused vessels.
The Grand Series contains 20% of these in total.

soil that could not be molded
Powder made from unused vessels
Ash made from waste materials (natural materials such as pulp and lumber)
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