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KINKA - Blotting paper with cherry blossom petals

KINKA - Blotting paper with cherry blossom petals

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【Description of item】

For beautiful skin, it is important to get the right amount of sebum.
Hakuichi's oil blotting paper is a skin-friendly product that removes excess sebum just by applying it gently.

"KINKA Oil Blotting Paper with Cherry Blossom Petals" is a slightly pink oil blotting paper with cherry blossom petals applied to each sheet.
Take your spring out of your pouch and try out the finest blotting paper you've ever used.
*This oil blotting paper is unscented.

Product number C190-026
Contents: 30 pieces (65 x 95mm)
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Product Features Point.1

Did you know!? Skin care with oil blotting paper
If you are concerned about your pores and acne, use oil blotting paper to prevent sebum! Some people say that using oil blotting paper removes too much and makes your skin dry, but oil blotting paper does not remove oil. Not too much.
◇Sebum is composed of a liquid part and a part that is actually wax-like solid, and the solid part covers the skin surface to protect the skin. Blotting paper only removes liquid sebum that is easily oxidized.
◇The sebum secreted on the skin surface oxidizes and turns into an irritant over time. Experiments have confirmed that it causes acne, aging, enlarged pores, and ultimately wrinkles and sagging skin.
◇For beautiful skin, it is important to remove sebum in moderation. If you wash your face multiple times a day or use blotting papers or tissues that have poor absorbency, you may end up removing too much sebum and damaging your skin. For sebum care, we recommend using soft, highly absorbent oil blotting paper.

Product Features Point.2

Gold leaf stamping paper manufacturing method recognized by professionals
Hakuichi's oil blotting paper is made with women's soft skin in mind and instantly absorbs excess sebum. Made from 100% Manila hemp, it boasts a high absorption rate. Beauty advisor T highly praises it!It's a great product that can be used not only for touch-up, but also before makeup.
Because the Japanese paper is made from natural Manila hemp, the long fibers do not break easily and are gentle on the skin. To ensure that our oil blotting paper is safe and secure for consumers, we conduct patch tests. This is a very safe product with no skin irritation.

Product Features Point.3

This is how you really use it!
Pulp blotting paper is widely available in the world. Because it doesn't absorb sebum easily, you tend to end up rubbing your skin. When you rub your skin, it strips your skin of the fresh oil it needs, leaving it dry. This leads to a vicious cycle in which more sebum is secreted to prevent irritation. The oil blotting paper made by Hakuichi is a skin-friendly product that removes excess sebum just by applying it gently.

◇ Removes only excess sebum without damaging the foundation.
◇You can start applying makeup immediately after skin care.
◇It makes your skin smooth, makes it harder for makeup to come off, and leaves it clean.
◇It can improve the color development and longevity of color makeup.
◇Prevents dead skin cells from accumulating while keeping skin moisturized.
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