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【Description of item】

Yakushima Yakushima <br data-mce-fragment="1">We have formulated a clean and dignified scent that soothes the mind and body, reminiscent of the power spot of Yakushima.

It's a mysterious incense made of ash that rolls around.
Approximately 50 minutes combustion capacity: Approximately 33 bottles

[scents of mana KUNKUN]
Scents of mana KUNKUN is an incense that recreates the scents of sacred places across Japan.
The best feature is that when lit, the ash rolls up without falling.
Haimaki incense is a special type of incense that was made in the Ryukyu Kingdom in China about 500 years ago, and was considered a lucky charm because it was rolled up like the tail of a sacred bird such as a phoenix.
It was a lost compounding technique, but I was able to reproduce it through research.

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