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Ground grip mug

Ground grip mug

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By shaping the simple form with a water trowel, each product is finished with a unique fluctuation.
This is a series that further refines the grand concept.

[Thoughts about the ground_grip series]
Mino ware, a production area of ceramics, boasts the highest production volume in Japan.
Probably the most ``soil'' used in Japan.
What is good quality soil? What is valuable soil?
We focus on "recycled soil"

We believe that we live in an age where the value of recycled soil can be shared with everyone, and we also recycle tableware based on the concept of ``Wrapping the soil for plants with recycled soil.''

Color: Brown/Oatmeal/Blue Gray (Recycled Glaze)
Size: W80×D108×H88mm
Material: Porcelain (20% recycled earth)
Set contents: mag cup/leaflet/boxed

*Delivered in original box

This product uses recycled clay and recycled glaze, so there may be slight variations in color and texture depending on the time of production of the raw materials.
The unevenness of the surface is a beautiful texture created by water troweling.
Recycled glazes are thicker than other glazes, and there may be variations in color, melting, and expression depending on when the raw materials are purchased.

In addition, iron powder like black moles may be seen, but this is unavoidable due to the nature of recycled products.
In addition, when recycled clay is glazed and fired, the soil may come out and give it a rough texture, but we will ship it as a good product unless it has sharp edges.
Please understand that this is the texture of a one-of-a-kind recycled product.

*What is a water trowel?
Also known as ``mechanical potter's wheel,'' it is a method in which clay is placed in a plaster mold, rotated, and the fabric is shaped using water while being applied with a trowel.
Compared to automatic roller machines, the unevenness is gentler, creating a softer, more fluctuating expression.
This irregularity is responsible for the hazy surface color that appears through the glaze.

ground grip = wrap around the soil
The glazes here, all brown, oatmeal, and blue gray, are made with recycled glazes that make up over 77% of the ingredients.

Recycled particles may fly out during baking.
We will avoid sharp and dangerous items.
This will appear as unevenness on the surface, but this is also a characteristic of this product, so
Thank you for your understanding.

Raw clay before baking
A product made by mixing and kneading materials that were crushed from unused vessels.
The Grand Series contains 20% of these in total.

Recycle | Glaze
Soil that could not be molded
Powder made from crushed vessels that are no longer used
Ash made from waste wood (natural materials such as pulp and lumber)
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