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Frustum Bowl

Frustum Bowl

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Frustum is a tea utensil that has been redesigned to fit modern lifestyles in order to reaffirm the goodness of tea.
We believe that in a space where there is tea, there is also food, so we have lined up tea bowls in the Frustum series that are easy to hold.
The sharp edges of the truncated cone make it easy to hold, and the slightly heavy weight gives it a comfortable finish.

Color: Unglazed glaze/white glaze/black glaze/white indigo glaze/ash glaze
Size: W105 x D105 x H65mm
Material: Porcelain

*Delivered in original box

The black glaze and white glaze have smooth fired surfaces, while the unglazed glaze and white indigo glaze have some roughness.
Please choose according to your lifestyle.
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