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Edo Kiriko - Hexagonal Kagome Tumbler Pair

Edo Kiriko - Hexagonal Kagome Tumbler Pair

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Edo Kiriko has been designated as a national traditional craft and a traditional craft of Tokyo.
It is said that it began in 1834 when Kubei Kagaya, a Bitoro shop in Odenmacho, Edo, carved carvings on the surface of glass.
The cut is deep and the finish is clear and gorgeous.
We have standard patterns among Japanese patterns.
This is a masterpiece that shows the delicate craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The mesh of a bamboo basket is called ``kagome'', and this pattern was created from the image of that mesh.
The hexagonal basket pattern is also engraved on the lanterns of Ise Grand Shrine, and has been popular as a symbol to ward off evil spirits since ancient times.
Because its shape resembles a six-pointed star, it is recommended as an auspicious pattern and as a souvenir of a turning point or as a gift.

■ Glass size
Diameter 75 x height 106 (mm) / capacity 200ml

■ Material
Soda glass

■ Comes in a wooden box
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