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Genuine gold leaf Suigetsu cup

Genuine gold leaf Suigetsu cup

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[Before ordering]

*This product will be ordered after confirming stock with the manufacturer after you place your order, so it will take approximately 7 business days the next day for it to be shipped.

Please note that in the unlikely event that the manufacturer does not have the item in stock, you may have to wait up to one month for it to be restocked. We will contact you separately via email regarding the delivery date.

*If you order items with different delivery dates at the same time, we will ship them all together to accommodate the items with later delivery dates.

【Description of item】

The taste is delicate and gentle, and you can enjoy the delicious sake by scooping up the moon reflected on the water's surface with the rich aroma that only a flat sake cup can provide.

Please enjoy the brilliance of your heart as if you were drinking delicious sake by scooping up the moon reflected on the surface of the water using a shining gold leaf vessel.

The spout is less than 1mm thick, which is considered difficult to make with ceramics, and is a product that was completed using only the fingers of a craftsman using a potter's wheel and no shavings.

In order to take advantage of the natural texture of the material, real gold leaf is applied with lacquer bonding, and no top coat is applied to bring out the original, elegant shine of the leaf to the utmost.

As you use it, the foil will blend in with the unevenness of the container and fade into flavor, making it your own unique container.Enjoy the changes over time.

It will be delivered in a special wooden box.
Perfect as a special gift for alcohol lovers or men.
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