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Spring flowers, clay pot, Omodaka

Spring flowers, clay pot, Omodaka

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The pattern of the white plated copperplate paper is a series that stands out glossily and contrasts beautifully with the baked surface of the white porcelain bisque.

The simple clay pot is pure white and elegant.
The gold crystal around the mouth enhances the impression.
A series of tea utensils that give you a spring breeze and are easy to use for everyday use, with a slightly raised white copperplate pattern and the beauty of a copperplate paper pattern that gives off a faint shine.

An auspicious pattern with the same geometric patterns repeated in the same direction, such as the small pattern of flowers, violets, chives, and trefoils that will make you enjoy the feeling of taking a spring walk.

Color: White (outside: baked finish, inside: transparent glaze)
Size: W104 (max. 155) x H104 (max. 185) mm / 410g
*The values in parentheses are measured values with the handle attached.
Capacity: Full water 680m
Material: Porcelain (vine: bamboo product, tea strainer: stainless steel cup net)
Production area: Mino ware

Lid: The surface (handle part) is bisque (baked) without glaze, and the handle part is smooth but slightly rough.

Earthenware bottle body: Glazed with transparent glaze and fired.
It is the color of high-quality white porcelain clay itself.

Since the lid is baked, it is best to hold down the moisture when washing and wipe it to prevent the cloth from becoming lint-free.
It is dishwasher safe.
The handle is made of natural material, so please remove it when cleaning.
Please wash.
If it gets dirty, wipe it with a towel dampened with lukewarm water and wrung out thoroughly.
Please dry it thoroughly before putting it on.
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