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Salad bowl Yuragi (Tameuchi black)

Salad bowl Yuragi (Tameuchi black)

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[Before ordering]

*This product will be ordered after confirming stock with the manufacturer after you place your order, so it will take approximately 10 business days the next day for it to be shipped.
Please note that in the unlikely event that the manufacturer does not have the item in stock, you may have to wait approximately 2 to 5 months for it to be restocked . We will contact you separately via email regarding the delivery date.

*If you order items with different delivery dates at the same time, we will ship them all together to accommodate the items with later delivery dates.

【Description of item】

A plump bowl that stands out even when placed in the middle of the dining table. It is shaped into a circular shape using sawn wood, and the upper edge is carved with a gentle curve, resulting in a shape that gives a pleasant wavering feeling, as the name suggests.

[Size] φ232×h100
[Wood base] Natural wood
[Paint] Lacquer painting

*Price is for 1 customer.
*Please refrain from using the dishwasher or dryer.
*The box is a gift box (paper box) that can hold one person.

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