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Crystal Edo Kiriko - Tumbler Blue Chrysanthemum

Crystal Edo Kiriko - Tumbler Blue Chrysanthemum

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Edo Kiriko craftsmen cut the glass fabric from Aika, a long-established Hungarian crystal glass manufacturer.
We visited a factory in Hungary directly and purchased glass fabric with colors and shapes that are rare in Japan.
Aica's unique soft blue color, also known as "Aica Blue," is attractive with its deep, clear cut that takes advantage of the glittering brilliance of the crystal.
Traditional craftsman Tatsuya Nemoto is in charge of cutting.
Enjoy delicate, modern cuts that look like works of art.

■ A word from the manager
This is a KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO original limited edition item.
Precious Edo Kiriko, which is not commonly distributed, is recommended as a special gift or souvenir.

■ Glass size

■ Country of origin
Fabric: Made in Hungary Processing: Japan

■ Material
crystal glass

■ Comes in a wooden box
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