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Travel Tumbler

Travel Tumbler

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【Description of item】

NODOKA x KINTO travel tumbler.  

NODOKA's custom-made travel tumbler was created in collaboration with KINTO, a manufacturer in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture, who creates everyday tools that are both comfortable to use and beautiful in appearance.

Enjoy the rich aroma, the temperature that suits you, and the deliciousness even outdoors.
TRAVEL TUMBLER, which has a double vacuum structure, is a tool for people who are particular about their lifestyles, but who lead flexible lifestyles.
You can enjoy the original flavor of tea for a long time.

Stress-free drinking experience
Aiming for a natural drinking experience similar to that of a glass or mug, the design eliminates protrusions such as screws for a pleasant mouthfeel and allows for drinking from any 360-degree angle.
It has a structure that catches ice and prevents the drink from flowing out too quickly, allowing you to comfortably drink until the end.

Heat and cold insulation effect
The bottle body is double-layered stainless steel.
By creating a vacuum between the outer bottle and the inner bottle, heat radiation due to convection is prevented and the product retains heat and cold.
Can maintain heat at 69°C or higher and cold at 7°C or lower for 6 hours.

Durable tough material
We pay special attention to ease of use, materials, and texture so that you can use our products for a long time.
The bottle body is made of 18-8 stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and durable, and the colored surface is powder coated to prevent scratches.

clean surface finish
Made of stainless steel, you can enjoy the original scent of your drink.
The inside of the bottle is electrolytically polished to give it a smooth surface to prevent stains such as odors and tea stains from sticking to it.

Color: white, black
Capacity: 350ml
Weight: 245g
Size: W70 x H170mm
Material: Stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone

Cannot be used in microwave oven or dishwasher
Strictly prohibit fire/Do not wash by boiling
Heat retention effect: 65℃ or higher (6 hours)
Cold retention effect: 8℃ or less (6 hours)
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