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Frustum clay pot (black glaze)

Frustum clay pot (black glaze)

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Tea utensils whose design has been refined to suit modern life in order to reaffirm the goodness of tea.
The key to the design of this product is the edge that switches halfway down the body of the clay pot, a reference to the shape seen in iron kettles made in the Tohoku region of Japan for a long time.
Winner of Red dot design award 2020 (Germany)

Color: black glaze
Size: W170×D140×H190mm/800cc/510g
Material: Porcelain
Set contents: Earthen pot/tea strainer net/metal handle

*Delivered in original box

A tea strainer is included in the clay pot. Black glaze and white glaze have smooth fired surfaces, while unglazed glazes and white indigo glazes have some roughness.
Please choose according to your lifestyle.
Also, if the vine feels loose when inserted, please remove it, open the vine slightly with your hand, and then insert it again.

Metal handle: made in TSUBAME
*Produced in Tsubame-Sanjo, a metal manufacturing area.
*Please clean gently with a dry cloth.

<Stainless steel>: Silver color. It is said that it does not change easily over time and is resistant to rust.

<Brass>: Dull gold color. You can enjoy the changes over time by caring for it with a special cream.

<Copper plating>: Pink gold color. You can enjoy the color change unique to copper. Due to the manufacturing process, the copper plating may peel off.

[Precautions when installing metal handles]
The width is a little narrow at first.
Hold both ends with both hands and spread them slightly before inserting them.
It can be installed smoothly by inserting it from either the front or the back.
Please be careful not to spread it too much as the attached part may crack.
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