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Kinka - Gold Esthetic Foil 24K

Kinka - Gold Esthetic Foil 24K

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【Description of item】

Pure gold leaf esthetic leaf that can be used in abundance. Enjoy a relaxing time with high-quality pure gold leaf because it touches your skin.

Product number C152-025
Contents: 20 pieces (height 5.0cm x width 5.0cm)
All ingredients pure gold leaf

Product Features Point.1

For troubles around eyes that tend to dry out, such as dark circles and fine lines.
"Kinka Gold Esthetic Foil 24K" is a pure gold esthetics foil that can be used in a variety of ways. Enjoy a relaxing time with high-quality pure gold leaf because it touches your skin. ``Kinka Gold Esthetic Foil for Eyes'' is an easy-to-use gold esthetic foil that can be used to target areas of concern.

Product Features Point.2

Used in many high-end beauty salons
Nowadays, ``gold leaf beauty treatments'' have become commonplace in high-end beauty salons and luxury hotel plans. Hakuichi's beauty salons are widely used in beauty salons not only in Japan but also overseas. It is also popular at high-end department stores overseas and has been featured in many local media outlets.

Product Features Point.3

Made with 99.99% pure gold leaf
Gold leaf for beauty salons comes in direct contact with the skin, just like cosmetics. At Hakuichi, we use gold leaf of the highest purity, which is safe and secure. We deliver high quality gold leaf for beauty salons, all of which is done in our own factory.

Product Features Point.4

Easy-to-handle sheet type
Gold leaf is a very thin material, only 1/10,000th of a millimeter thick. Usually, it must be handled by skilled craftsmen using special bamboo tools. In order to solve this problem of ease of use, Hakuichi's gold leaf for beauty treatments integrates a special sheet and gold leaf, allowing you to easily apply gold leaf beauty treatments to your face and entire body even with your bare hands. There is also a rich lineup, and you can choose according to your needs: a ``trial size'' that you can easily try, a ``full face type'' for special occasions, and a ``large capacity type'' that is perfect for regular care.
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