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Edo Kiriko - Stacked Yarai Old Pair

Edo Kiriko - Stacked Yarai Old Pair

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Edo Kiriko has been designated as a national traditional craft and a traditional craft of Tokyo.
It is said that it began in 1834 when Kubei Kagaya, a Bitoro shop in Odenmacho, Edo, carved carvings on the surface of glass.
The cut is deep and the finish is clear and gorgeous.
We have standard patterns among Japanese patterns.
This is a masterpiece that shows the delicate craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The enclosure made of criss-crossed bamboo that can be seen in townhouses is called ``Yarai'', and this pattern was born from that image.
``Yarai'', which protects the house from dirt and scratches, has the meaning of protecting oneself from disaster. A thick cut Yarai pattern and a thin cut Yarai pattern are layered to create a design with depth.
The simple design makes it a great gift for anyone, and it is also recommended as a glass for everyday use.

■ Glass size
Diameter 83 x height 87 (mm) / capacity 200ml

■ Material
Soda glass

■ Presentation box included
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