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Ice flower cup

Ice flower cup

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A carved pattern of ice-white and glossy tea flowers.
A lovely cup with the petal shape of a winter flower, a camellia, and a tea flower (Chaka chabana) motif.

[What is Chaka?]
Sen no Rikyu said, ``Flowers are like flowers in the field,'' and he is referring to flowers that add color to a tea ceremony in a subtle way that lets you feel the season.
The vessels used for arranging are simple single flower vases and wildflowers that grow in the mountains.

Flowers in the wild give us a sense of “wabi-sabi” and the simple yet modest teachings of tea.
I dug into this simple cup.

Light passes through the white porcelain fabric, giving the drink a subtle color.

Size: W85×D85×H55mm/200cc/120g
Material: Porcelain
Comes in a pasted box: white top box, dark red bottom box

*Delivered in an elegant box with the image of a camellia.
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