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Five-colored bowl - Shunai Haku

Five-colored bowl - Shunai Haku

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【Description of item】

When you think of the colors of lacquerware, you probably think of black and vermilion, but for this series, the inside is painted white, and the outside is colorfully finished in five colors: vermilion, washed vermilion, green, moisture, and purple. . I imagined a bright and fun scene, which is a bit different from the usual calm atmosphere of lacquerware.
*Urushi ``shiro-nuri'' is made by mixing white pigments with purified lacquer, but since lacquer is originally a candy-colored translucent liquid, it is not completely white, but has a beige-like color.

[Size] φ127*h61
[Wood base] Natural wood
[Paint] Lacquer coating

*Please refrain from using in the microwave, dishwasher, or dryer.
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