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Striped teacup

Striped teacup

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Released at MoMA Design Store in 2016
"Striped Cup"
At the time of the release, it was distributed to the press as a souvenir.

The manufacturing method is to use copperplate paper that has been soaked in the color goth of pottery and paint it by hitting it from the outside with a water brush.
Although it takes a lot of time, each piece is carefully finished by hand.
Please enjoy the faint "bleeding" that the paper fibers give off.

The white porcelain and blue lines make this a simple yet refreshing cup.
We will deliver it as it was at the time.

Color: white glaze
Size: W170×D140×H190mm/200cc/140g
Material: Porcelain

Each piece is finished by hand.
A blue tint may appear on the white parts.
We try to avoid products that are in bad condition, but please note that these products are of good quality due to the manufacturing process.
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