[YAMATSU] - Ishikawa

[YAMATSU] - Ishikawa

Mino ware and Toki City

Gifu Prefecture/Toki City
Mino ware refers to ceramics produced in Toki City, Tajimi City, and Mizunami City in the Tono region of Gifu Prefecture. The Tono region is Japan's largest ceramic production base, and Toki City is the city with the largest ceramic production volume in Japan.
Many types of ceramics are still being made today, from manufacturer's products that decorate the dining table to those made by artists starting with Oribe.


Gifu Prefecture/Toki City  Gifu Prefecture/Toki City


A hot day in hot Toki. Bake pottery today too.

The Tono region of Gifu Prefecture has the hottest summers in Japan. Even in the summer, Shinzan Kiln Yamatsu continues to fire its kilns.
Firing pottery is Yamatsu's livelihood. It is Yamatsu's nature to take care of others.
At Yamatsu, we always hope that each product we bake conveys even a little bit of its enthusiasm, and that it brings happiness and warmth into the lives of those who use our products.


A hot day in hot Toki


What can be baked in this kiln

I'm trying to "take care" of them in order to make them happy.
Pottery, including tableware, has played a role in adding color to our lives. It is not the center of color like ingredients or flowers, but rather a supporting role that helps them stand out.
Mino ware is the largest pottery production area in Japan. Not only pottery makers, but also various industries and craftsmen live here.
Founded 150 years ago, the pottery manufacturer, Shinzan Kiln Yamatsu Co., Ltd., has played a supporting role alongside everyone involved in Mino ware, and continues to work hard in this kiln to help bring happiness to people's lives throughout Japan and around the world through pottery. Masu.


Mino wear  Mino wear


Mino wear  Mino wear



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