[NODOKA] - Tokyo

[NODOKA] - Tokyo

Let's have some tea more freely.



THE NODOKA was born in Brooklyn, New York.
A new type of Japanese tea that you can enjoy as if you were eating it.
Whole organic tea leaves grown by Shizuoka's top producers are turned into powder.
Because it is a fine powder, just mix it with hot water or water and use it anytime, anywhere.
You can enjoy the taste of carefully selected tea leaves.
You can take in all the nutrients that tea has, so it's not only delicious but also healthy.
There are many recipes for pairing it with alcohol and using it in cooking.
Now, you have to enjoy Japanese tea even more.


Delicious tea leaves grown from beautiful tea fields.

Green tea

A tea plantation blessed with a natural environment located in the mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture at an altitude of 600 m. Clear air and clear water, short daylight hours, and a difference in temperature that can create fog in the morning and evening. The tea fields, where delicious pesticide-free organic cultivation is born, are surrounded by beautiful scenery. T H E N O D O K A's partners are farmers who have been practicing natural cultivation in their landscapes for over 30 years. The tea leaves produced using precise soil preparation and special cultivation methods are exceptional. A refreshing and gentle taste that is never too strong. Try tasting tea leaves that will make your body's cells feel happy.


strict safety standards
Because the tea leaves have been cleared,
The whole can be made into powder.


tea powder

THE NODOKA's tea has both JAS (Japan) and USDA (USA) organic certifications. Domestic tea leaves that have obtained organic certification are extremely rare, and it is said that only about 3% of all tea leaves are certified organic. THE NODOKA's tea, which has passed the strict examination of raw materials and manufacturing processes by organic certification bodies, does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This is because unless the tea leaves are safe, the whole tea leaves cannot be made into powder.

We want to deliver authentic Japanese tea to the world.


japanese tea


Most tea sold overseas is sold as ``Japanese Green Tea'' even though it does not use Japanese tea leaves.
We believe that new joy and possibilities will be born by turning the "Japanese tea" that has attracted attention overseas and is flooding the market into the real thing, and by connecting Japan and overseas, tradition and innovation, and consumers and producers.

I would be happy if we could work together with everyone to find new value in traditional Japanese tea, and spread the appeal and various ways to enjoy it.



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