[Hakuichi] - Ishikawa/Kanazawa

[Hakuichi] - Ishikawa/Kanazawa

Starting from Hakuichi,
History of Kanazawa leaf crafts.


Kanazawa's Higashi Chaya District

Kanazawa leaf has been used as a material for Buddhist altars and maki-e for most of its nearly 450-year history. Its value as a craft was recognized in 1975, when Hakuichi created the first craft in Japan that featured Kanazawa foil and named it Kanazawa foil craft. We wanted to spread the appeal of this beautiful Kanazawa leaf, so we started making crafts with our own hands.


Gold leaf tableware craftsman
Preserve tradition,
Into people's lives.
Kanazawa City accounts for over 98% of the domestic production of gold leaf.
It is also known as the city of gold leaf.
This area has a 450-year history of foil stamping.
We can preserve this tradition by
I think this is a big mission.
However, tradition is not just about preserving.
In modern life, it is important to have value recognized by people.
Only when it is needed,
I think it has meaning.

Preserving tradition and incorporating it into people's lives.
That is our passion for manufacturing.
Gold leaf manufacturing process
Since its founding, Hakuichi has expanded its business to various fields closely related to crafts, cosmetics, food, architecture, and daily life. We will continue to create new technologies and provide services that satisfy everyone.
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